Baylor Basketball Hotels – Tournament Travel Central

At Baylor Basketball, it’s all about the experience. Your kids aren’t just playing ball, your entire family is a part of the game. We’re parents just like you and know the commitment you have made not only to your child’s athletic life, but to every other member of the team as well.

Working along with PlayNStay Tournament Housing, we have selected team friendly hotels with consideration for amenities and services that teams favor. Please reserve your rooms early for the best availability.

If you require a large block of rooms for multiple teams, need additional rooms at a hotel, or have an interest in a hotel not listed, please contact us for assistance by filling in our easy online form here.

Please do not contact our hotel partners directly to reserve rooms. If a team reserves rooms directly with a hotel or through another agency, the team will be considered non-compliant with the tournament’s housing policy.

We look forward to providing each team with a smooth reservation process and to successfully meeting the housing needs of teams attending Baylor Basketball’s fine events.